Men · Relationships

Prince Charming

It seems to be a general assumption that girls all want a Prince Charming. A perfect boy to come sweep them off their feet.

Therefore, when a guy who is seemingly “perfect” comes along, and I don’t take the bait, people wonder what’s wrong with me. “He could be your Prince Charming,” they say. Or they make assumptions, saying that I’m only denying him because I’m “scared of relationships” or have trust issues, or my standards are too high because perfect guys really don’t exist and this one, well, he’s too good to let go!

Excuse me?? Who are you to say that a guy is right for me?

Just because he’s attractive, talented, and rich does not make him someone I want to spend my life with. Some girls might only require those things, but I have other priorities.

Just because he appreciates my sense of humor, thinks I’m the prettiest little thing in the northwest, and has similar interests as I does not mean I will automatically like him. You can have a lot in common with someone and still not enjoy their company.

Just because he’s the typical nice guy who’s madly in love with me, will treat me like a queen, and will wait years on end for me does not mean I will reciprocate those feelings. Loyalty and dedication only go so far if you’re completely incompatible.

It’s guys such as these that people think I’m turning away simply out of fear or unrealistic expectations. Perhaps a perfect man does not exist. But I don’t have time to deal with all the bullshit for a decent one. I’m gonna keep my high standards and wait for the “right” one.

And even if I don’t find him, I’ll be perfectly content with my simple, bullshit-free, Prince Charming-less life.



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