Man Rant

Caution: May be insulting to those with a penis

Well, well, well. Where to begin? I could go on for days about my frustrations related to men and everything they are and do.

Although often considered the “superior” gender, I believe them to be far inferior to women mentally speaking. You can get them off their game by simply flashing a pair of tits in their face. They are so easily distracted by visual stimulants that they make poor, impulsive decisions based on physical desire alone. Anytime their little friend pops up, he’s in full control. Ha! What a joke.

And commitment? What’s that? They get bored and distracted so easily that they never stick with anything, and I’m not just referring to relationships. According to Fidelity Investment’s data, women are much better investors simply because they stick with their investments longer without making lots of risky trades.

Then there’s the question of whether men really are the emotionally detached gender. Women get the reputation for being clingy and emotional; however, in my experience men are way worse! If a dude has any sort of feelings for a girl, then he is automatically the more sensitive one. And to the guys who pretend not to have emotions- are you stupid? Do you not realize that emotions go farther than worry, depression, and low self-esteem? Anger is an emotion, joy is an emotion, irritation is an emotion. You clearly have no issue with those. So stop acting like a “man” who has no feelings. Psychopaths have no feelings. We don’t want to date a psychopath.

Well, folks, that’s all for now. Don’t worry, though. There’s plenty more where that came from.